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Working as a PA in trauma surgery has taught me just how short life really is. And when I had my own kids, I just wanted to soak up every single second of their childhood! I picked up my camera to document our lives and haven't looked back since! I've devoured photography classes and workshops at the same rate that I inhale my food.

Turning that love of photography into something that I could do for others as well has been so amazing! Every family I meet is different, and I love the challenge of trying to capture their unique personalities. When people see the pictures I took of them, I want them to feel like I was able to really see the beauty in their lives and capture it for them.

With smartphones everywhere these days, we're snapping pictures like crazy. But we very rarely get the connection between people - the tender sweet moments, the way your little boy looks at you and touches your face, the way your husband holds your hand, the way your daughter's face lights up when she really smiles, the way your family laughs at a shared joke. Those are the things I want to capture for you!

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What Makes Me Different...

- You're not just another client... I really love getting to know the families I work with, and capturing your unique bond and personalities is important to me!  

~ I also work really hard to make sure your session is FUN!  Especially if you have small children!  I know how stressful taking pictures can be... but I want you to enjoy the process and actually have fun during our time together, because that will make you love the pictures even more.

~ I hand-edit every single picture.  I don't just slap a preset on all of them and call it quits.  I work on every single picture in Photoshop to remove unwanted objects, fix blemishes, and give them an extra pop of color and magic.

~ Fast turnaround time!  I guarantee most normal sessions in 2 weeks, although I'm pretty compulsive about trying to get them to you much sooner!   

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I believe...

~ in old-fashioned fun, like doing puzzles and playing board games

~ that friends who you can have deep conversations with are the best kinds of friends 

~ in treating others how you want to be treated, being able to laugh at yourself, and focusing on the things that really matter

~ that when my home and life are organized, everything just feels better

~ that pictures are one of the best gifts you can give someone

~ the best pictures are the ones that capture the emotions and the details and make you feel something

~ almost everything material in life is replaceable, except photographs - which capture moments in time that we might have otherwise forgotten

~ that taking pictures should be fun - you spend an hour hugging and loving on your family... and I'll do the rest

My favorites


Because there's nothing that I love more than fetching snacks, answering ALL the questions, and getting buried by laundry. But despite the exhaustion, these days are filled with so much joy and imagination... and I really don't want them to grow up. 

Horsing around

I've owned two very special horses in my life... and I think every girl should have a horse. The things they can teach you about yourself, and about life, are worth every single penny spent on them.   (Which is a lot of pennies.)


Truth be told, I'm a homebody 90% of the time, and since we've had little kids, we haven't travelled nearly as much lately.

BUT... getting away to somewhere different is always sooooo good for the soul!

MY team

My horse Mahina.  She came all the way over here from Hawaii... and still has that Aloha spirit.  

My sweet pup, Molly.  She's been with me for 9 years now. She's super sweet with kids. Not so sweet with chickens.

Despite what I tell myself, these two are completely in charge around here.




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