The thing I hope you notice in my pictures is how much I LOVE my clients!  We have a lot of fun!  We laugh and play games, you get to cuddle and have sweet moments with your children, and we let the kids just be kids.  

Sure, I always sneak in a few posed shots of everyone looking at the camera... but for the most part, I really just want to capture the authentic nature of your family!

So if you're worried that your crazy toddler is too active and busy for photos... not a problem!   And if you're worried that you won't know what to do in front of the camera... I've got you covered!   

Nothing makes me happier than hearing a dad or a kid say "that was actually fun" as we're leaving a photo shoot.  Mission accomplished!

I know you've probably already taken a million pictures of your children on your iphone.  But what they, and you, are going to want to see when they look back at photos is you - the way you hugged them, the way you laughed, the way you loved them.  Please don't wait for the "perfect" time to take these pictures... there is no such thing... and this moment in your life, right now... deserves to be captured.


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