Family Videos

You love photos... and obviously so do I.  But there are sooooo many little details that pictures just can't capture.

The sweet sound of your toddler's voice, the way your son giggles, the way your daughter says "smarshmallow" instead of "marshmallow", and their wobbly little steps. 

I promise you, these are the things you're going to want to remember and cherish.  


There's just something about movement and music that gives your family memories some LIFE!   

I love that videos show the REAL family moments, emotions, and personalities... those are seriously the good things in life.

And besides, you may need these videos as a backup on particularly hard parenting days, or when your sweet babies become teenagers... and you need to remind yourself how cute they once were.   

You may think that video isn't for you, but I guarantee these are for evvverrryyyybody! My own children LOVE watching their videos. And everytime we watch one together, I realize how much I've forgotten about that I thought I never would.   

The best part?  You and your family just. get. to. be. you.  No stuffy outfits, no posing, no props... nothing. 

Together, we'll capture your moments authentically and without stress!  And I dare you not to cry once you see the final video!

Whether you're bringing a new baby home, or you want to document a "normal" day in your life, capture vacation memories, or focus on a specific moment that's special to your family, like baking in the kitchen with your kiddos - I promise that having these things on video will mean so much to you and your family in the years to come!

"Kristen's video of our family is something we will cherish for years to come and fondly look back on often.  She has an eye for where and how to capture the perfect shots.  We'll treasure these memories as our family grows and are so happy that Kristen was able to capture this time in our lives so well."

- Katie

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Wedding videography

You've found your forever person.  You've picked the flowers, the rings, the dress, the caterer, and the band.  You've sent the invitations and written your vows.  But after the last slice of cake is eaten and the confetti is swept off the floor, will you remember all of the details, and more importantly allllll of the fun and laughter and emotions from your day? I would love to capture your day in a beautiful, artistic way that is sure to bring on lots of happy tears when you watch it back for many years to come!

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COMMERCIAL / BRanding videography

If you're looking for a way to really make a statement about your business and do something different from everyone else, a branding video might be perfect for you!   

I'd love to talk with you more about how I can help you showcase yourself and your business in a fun and unique way!

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