10 photos to take of your kids this summer

Summer is the perfect time to pull out your camera and capture these moments! When you look back to your own childhood, I bet some of your favorite memories were from summertime… whether it’s lazy days spent at the pool, or a family vacation to somewhere new… the days are longer, the sunshine feels so good, and there’s never enough ice cream or shave ice to be had!

Here are some ideas to get you started…

At the pool

The possibilities here are endless – you can take a picture of you trying to apply sunscreen to your wiggly toddler, or of your child doing a cannonball into the water. Or maybe your brand new pool float that has all the neighbors laughing. Or get really creative with an underwater camera!

Enjoying s’mores, shave ice, or ice cream

I know one of my kids’ favorite things about summer is the endless treats… so you could take a close up of them with a melty s’more in their hands, or a picture of the colorful shave ice they’re eating. Then put down the camera and steal a bite too!

Playing in the sprinkler / water

Whether it’s a simple sprinkler in the backyard, a slip’n’slide race, or just spraying each other with the water hose… adding some movement to your pictures with water is always so fun! A water balloon fight could also be another fun thing to capture! The trick here is to really get down on their level – so get down low to take the shot!

Summer details – sunglasses, flip flops, etc

Because little kids wearing sunglasses are adorable! Or get a picture of their little toes in the flips flops, or their hands building a sandcastle. Don’t forget to look for those details!

Fun with friends

Most of the school year is full of baseball practice and gymnastics and toting your kids back and forth to one place or another. But during the summer, when they actually just get to be kids and have fun with friends? That’s the sweet spot of childhood!

On a ride at the zoo / amusement park

I’m a sucker for a good carousel picture… the different colors and details are so much fun! Or take a picture on a roller coaster, or riding the iconic Dumbo ride at Disney, or going down a slide at Schlitterbahn!

At the beach / river / lake

Whether your summer takes you to a beautiful beach or a nearby river or lake, it’s only a given that you get pictures while you’re there! Play around with the composition and angles and see how creative you can get!

Rainy day fun

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors! Grab those rain boots and umbrellas and let your kids splash in puddles. That stage doesn’t last long, and it’s so much fun to see them playing in the rain!

On a plane / in the airport / on a roadtrip

Sometimes we wait until we get to the “destination” to start taking pictures. But don’t forget to take some of the journey too! Pictures of them in the airport, or in their carseat on a car ride will remind you of how small they once were and the beautiful chaos of the trip itself.

Reading a book

As a bookworm myself, I remember loving going to the library during the summer as a kid. And I was always curled up with a book in my room… so capture those quiet and still moments of summer too!

That’s it! There’s 10 ideas to get you started! And if you’d like to download this summer photo bucket list to check off with your family, here’s a link to the file! If your kids are old enough and have a camera, this could also be a super fun activity for them to do this summer!

Click below to download!


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