Kauai Family Session

Kauai holds a special place in my heart. We lived there for a couple of years. My kids were born there. And so when we go back to visit, it kinda feels like we’re going home.
On our last visit, I got to photograph this adorable family on the beaches of Hanalei, and I feel in love with the island all over again.
I also realized that maybe I should hire a photographer to take my own family’s pictures next time we travel somewhere fun. Because some of our favorite memories as a family are from vacations and places we’ve travelled. And often, I rely on my iPhone to capture those memories. But seeing these pictures makes me realize that hiring a photographer to get quality pictures of these moments is a brilliant idea. So… I encourage you to think about doing the same next time your family goes on a trip! How fun would it be to have beautiful images from your vacations hanging in your home?


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