Fort Monroe Family Session

I pulled up to the location my clients and I had decided on – beautiful Fort Monroe – full of gorgeous trees and a pristine beach all to ourselves.    The weather was perfect… I could tell the sunset was going to be amazing… and when my clients got there and I met their precious little girls, I knew this session was going to be fun!    We started with a few family shots in the grass.    Turns out, that wasn’t such a great idea… because there were sharp, prickly stickers in the grass… like, all over the place!   So everywhere we walked, we were all attacked by painful grass stickers.   

No worries… just like any good photographer would be, I was prepared!    I pulled out the blanket so they could just sit and snuggle as a family and I could get pictures of them that way!    Crisis avoided.    Until… a giant swam of huge, monster mosquitos came swarming in.   They were literally the size of a small dog.    I was afraid they were going to carry away one of my client’s children.    So, after all of us suffering through a few mosquito bites… we decided to hightail it for the beach.   

Ahhhh…. so much better!    No stickers, no mosquitos… just the beautiful ocean, the sound of the waves, and a family playing together in the sand.   I adored this family – they were full of love and laughter and so much energy.    Despite all of the craziness, they never stopped smiling, and they went along with all of my crazy ideas.    I could tell that this was a family that loved each other dearly, and I am so thankful that I got to spend an evening with them!   






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