Colonial Williamsburg

When this sweet mom contacted me and asked if I was interested in a session with 4 boys, all under the age of 7… I said “YES!!”  While that might strike fear in a lot of photographers’ hearts (and I knew it might be a challenge too!)… I have a little boy myself, and I LOVE the energy that boys bring to a session.    Besides… under all the dirt, little boys are also soooo incredibly sweet… especially with their mamas!

And as predicted, this session was full of energy.    I spent a lot of time chasing them around and being goofy.    We climbed trees (well, they climbed… I took pictures of them climbing!)… and we talked about all things superheroes and video games and new watches.    We got lots of candids, snuck a few posed shots in there, got sweet pictures of each boy and their mom, and of course all the boys together with dad.

These little guys were some of the best kiddos I have met… and I had so much fun with this amazing family!



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