January 24, 2022

The 4 keys to amazing pictures

Most people know that great outfits, great locations, and great lighting leads to beautiful pictures. Those three things are hugely important.  But the fourth thing, and to me the most important thing, is connection!!  Photographs can be technically beautiful, but if you can’t FEEL the moment… if you can’t look at a picture actually feel the love, and the joy, and the tenderness of the moment in which it was captured… it’s always lacking something to me.

After 5 years of photographing families, that’s what I’m constantly striving for. I want to really tell the story of my clients and their unique relationships.  Not just take their picture.  Most people say they feel awkward in front of the camera and don’t know what to do – and that’s toootally normal! The key is to find a photographer who puts your family at ease. Who knows how to draw out that connection, how to bring out your children’s personalities, how to tell your story.

Let’s get your family on my calendar for a beautiful Spring session!



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