The 4 keys to amazing pictures


Light makes SO much difference in photographs. You’ll hear photographers talk about “golden hour” a lot – which is the hour before sunset. It’s when the light is really beautiful, makes skin tones look great, and leads to beautiful creamy and golden images. It’s definitely when I prefer to shoot!  But, sometimes early morning light can be just as beautiful. And if you’re wanting to book a documentary type session, even full mid day sun can be great. The key is finding a photographer who can handle all types of light!


The backdrop for your photos is important! And it should match the look that you’re going for. If your family loves nature – then a beautiful grassy field or a river shoot might be perfect for you. If you’d like a more urban look with strong lines and structures in the backgrounds – then think city streets, parking garage roof tops, or bridges! I also recommend imaging what you want hanging on your walls. When you go to get prints and canvases made – what will look best on the wall where you are envisioning displaying your pictures?


The right clothes can take your session to another level. I always recommend staying true to who you are… make sure the styles you pick actually feel like you and look like you. But maybe choose something that’s a little “elevated” from what you’d normally wear.  Add in some accessories, get your hair and makeup done that day, wear shoes that are new and clean. When you put on the clothes you’re going to wear for the session, they should make you feel good! Once you book with me, I’ll send you my client guide that has more tips and tricks to choosing outfits and coordinating the whole family. And I’m always available to help when you’re deciding what to wear!


Last, but definitely not least… photographs can be technically beautiful, but if you can’t FEEL the moment… if you can’t look at a picture and actually feel the love, the joy, and the tenderness of the moment in which it was captured… it’s always lacking something to me.

After 5 years of photographing families, that’s what I’m constantly striving for. I want to really tell the story of my clients and their unique relationships.  Not just take their picture.  The key is to find a photographer who puts your family at ease. Who knows how to draw out that connection, how to bring out your children’s personalities, and how to tell your story.



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