Full family session or a mini session?

If you’re trying to decide between a full session or a mini, I have answers! Here are a few things to think about when deciding what’s best for your family…

I loooove full sessions. I love having the time to really get to know my families, to bring out their personalities, to capture more of the details, and to focus solely on just them. But I know that a lot of time, families want mini sessions… whether it’s for financial reasons or because they’re afraid their spouse or kids just can’t handle a full hour of fun.

So let’s break it down…

The time factor…

Mini sessions typically last 20 minutes. This might sound appealing to families with young kids or cranky spouses. And sometimes it can be the perfect amount of time. But more often than not, the pressure of the clock can make a mini session feel more stressful than a full session. Your kids won’t have as much time to get used to me, and I won’t have as much time to take it slow and play with them and build that relationship so that they feel comfortable with me. And sometimes during minis, it seems like juuuuuusst about the time that they do start having fun and showing me their true personalities, the time is up and I have to move on to the next family.

Full sessions last at least an hour, which allows us to just breathe a little easier. There’s not another family waiting in the wings. I have more time to capture more of the meaningful in-between moments, the candid moments, and give you a gallery with a ton of variety.

The light factor…

Unfortunately, with mini sessions sometimes you won’t get the very best light during your session. I try my best to limit the number of spots I offer, so that everyone has beautiful photos no matter what. But that beautiful sunset glow and rich beautiful light?… it’ll only happen if you book one of the last 2 mini session spots. But with a full session – you’ll always have the best light all to yourself.

The money factor…

Mini sessions can be great for clients who have a more mindful budget, but who still want to work with me. But a shorter session and a smaller package means fewer images to choose from. Minis typically come with 10 images, whereas full sessions are guaranteed to walk away with at least 50 images. So – if you just need a handful of updated pictures for a holiday card, minis might be for you. But if you’d like a beautiful gallery full of variety and different poses and family groupings – to fill up an album, or have plenty of options to hang on your wall – I’d definitely recommend going with a full session!

Which is best for you?

I encourage you to think about what you’d really like to get from our time together. Minis and full sessions are both a ton of fun and you’ll get beautiful images either way! If you just need a few images and don’t mind sharing the time with other families – do a mini! If I know your family well, or if I’m doing mini sessions with a theme or a location that you love – minis might also be perfect for you. But if you really want to capture the uniqueness of your family – the laughs, the cuddles, the inside jokes, the way you play together, and the truly candid moments – a full session is the way to go!

No matter what you choose, I just want you to take pictures with your family. To get in the frame. To hire someone who can preserve this time in your life in a beautiful way. It will always be worth it!


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