November 8, 2022

An evening with the Martin family

Family film sessions have my heart. There’s just something about hanging out with a family for a couple of hours and capturing their story. Nothing is posed or forced. The kids just get to be themselves and do their thing. I’ve even noticed that the dads seem to love these sessions way more than normal family pictures. They get to DO something… whether it’s fishing or driving their kids around on an ATV, or just sitting in their favorite chair while mom reads to the kids… they don’t have to just stand around awkwardly for an hour taking pictures.

Every family film I’ve done is so different because each family is different. In the weeks leading up to your session, we talk about the activities that you enjoy doing together as a family, the things that are meaningful to you, the details of your house and of your every day that you’ll want to remember. I always include these things in your film, and a lot of times I’ll even get teary eyed as I’m editing your film because I know having those moments captured will be so special to you.

With family films, you’ll also get at least 20-30 candid still images, and we’ll spend 5 minutes getting a quick traditional family portrait too. This truly is the best way to capture your family, and I guarantee these pictures, and the film, will be the things that your children ask to see and watch over and over again as they grow up.

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